Case Management Training Institute

The Case Management Training Institute (CMTI), generously funded by the CT Department of Housing, was created to provide a comprehensive training program for individuals with case management responsibilities in AIDS services, AIDS housing, domestic violence, homeless shelters, and transitional living programs, regardless of how the positions are funded (i.e. DPH, HOPWA, DOH, and DMHAS).


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Wednesday, August 24, 2016 @ Center Congregational Church, Meriden

Having Difficult Conversations with Clients about Sexual Health

Presented by LaToya Tyson, AIDS Connecticut

Target Audience: Case Managers, Medical Case Managers, HIV Prevention Staff

Talking about sex and sexual health is difficult for most people. During this training we'll really get comfortable talking about all facets of sex and sexual health which includes ways to not make assumptions about clients’ sexual orientation and/or behavior. We’ll delve into the importance of MCMs discussing not only clients’ sexual history, but also their current and future sexual health with their PCPs. Participants will get hands on training on how to be comfortable with handling and demonstrating male/female condom/dental dam use with their clients. Then we'll do some role plays on how to have these types of discussions with clients.


  • To provide education about sexual health and why it’s important
  • To increase awareness of one’s own prejudices, biases, assumptions, and stereotypes about sexuality and sexual health