Main Office:

AIDS Connecticut
110 Bartholomew Ave., Ste 3050
Hartford, CT 06106-2251
Phone: 860-247-AIDS


@ 110 Bartholomew Ave, Suite 3050, Hartford, Phone: 860-247-AIDS

Paul Botticello, Co-Executive Director Phone x308

John Merz, Co-Executive Director Phone x314

Carter Lennon, Executive Assistant/Office Manager Phone x303

Hector Rivera, Director of Programming Phone x316

Donna Basler, Director of Finance & Administration Phone x306

Aaron Lucas, Fund Administrator/Bookkeeper Phone x302

Tina Cormier, Distribution Center Manager/Office Manager Assistant Phone x312

Kate Bassett, Nurse Clinical Supervisor

Jeannie Cassala, Housing Support Specialist Phone x305

Sue Clark-Levin, Health Educator

Greg Rivera, Manager of Syringe Exchange Phone x311

Mike Grace, Syringe Exchange Worker

Project TLC:

Alma Martinez, Manager of Project TLC

Ken Flyte, Transitional Case Manager

Christian Mulvey, Transitional Case Manager

Leana Ruiz, Transitional Case Manager

@ 110 Bartholomew Ave, Suite 4000, Hartford, Phone: 860-247-AIDS

Shawn Lang, Director of Public Policy Phone x319

Wendy Shea Graveley, Development Director Phone x320

Maribel Santana, Program Director of Member Services & QA/TA Phone x313

Jennifer Chase, Communications Coordinator Phone x315

Mildred Fernandez, Medical Case Manager Phone x321

Madelyn Claudio, EIS Specialist Phone x329

Cherron Jackson, EIS Specialist Phone x329

@ Connections, 1229 Albany Ave, 3rd Floor, Hartford, Phone: 860-547-1771

Lucinda Balsome, Registered Dietician

Charles Capers, Meals Support Services

Michelle Fredericks, Non-medical Case Manager Phone x229

Richard Gummoe, Medication Adherence Nurse

Aurelio Lopez, Prevention Services Specialist Phone x233

Debbie Muro, Non-medical Case Manager Phone x226

Idiana Velez, Medical Case Manager Phone x228

Sonia Alvarez, Medication Adherence Nurse

Eula Shamberger, Senior Medical Case Manager Phone x227

Latoya Tyson, Prevention Services Specialist Phone x231

@ Hartford Dispensary, 335 Broad St, Manchester

Peter Forte, Medical Case Manager

@ Charter Oak Health Center, 21 Grand St, Hartford

Roberto Vargas, Medical Case Manager

@ Community Health Services, 500 Albany Ave, Hartford

Maribel Rentas, Medical Case Manager

Crystal McPherson, Medical Case Manager

@ Gengras Clinic, Saint Francis Hospital, Hartford

Abby Tonkonow, Medical Case Manager

@ HRA Wellness Center, 83 Whiting St, New Britain

Monica Rodriguez, Medical Case Manager

@ Health Collective East, 64 Church St, Manchester

Beth Moshier, Medical Case Manager

@ Community Health Center, 33 Ferry St, Middletown

Heather Barone, Medical Case Manager