Quality Assurance & Technical Assistance

ACT's QA & TA program provides the following services to our members in order to ensure their success in serving people living with HIV/AIDS in Connecticut. For additional questions regarding this program contact Catellia Casey, Manager of Member Services & Training, at 860-247-2437 x313.

Quality Assurance Review Program (QARP)

The Quality Assurance Review Program (QARP) is the flagship quality improvement program for ACT, monitoring and evaluating the housing needs—placements, case management and services—for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in Connecticut. It is a successor to the housing resources initiative of the Connecticut AIDS Resources Coalition (CARC), prior to the merger of that organization with AIDS Project Hartford (APH) in 2013. At least annually, the program begins with a desk audit of selected programmatic materials and culminates into a site review, jointly administered by an independent auditor and representatives from different government departments (DOH and HOPWA).

Through its Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Committee, ACT developed a set of minimum quality requirements for all the HIV/AIDS supportive housing programs in the state. The Standards of Care (SoC), as the requirements are called—adapted from the 7 Dimensions of Quality created by the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) and the case management evaluation procedures of the Ryan White program.

2020 Request for Qualifications

Standards of Care/QARP Manual

Acuity Index

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Committee

The CQI committee is a group comprised of representatives from ACT supportive housing members. The committee focuses on maintaining quality standards of HIV/AIDS housing across the state of Connecticut, and includes representation from all CT regions. The material is often rigorous, and includes technical examination of AIDS housing quality standards; close working relationships with DOH and HOPWA representatives; collaborative work to share best practices; and ongoing work to improve services to people living with HIV who are consumers of AIDS supportive housing programs.

If you are interested in joining the CQI committee, please contact Catellia Casey at 860-247-2437 x313.

CQI Contact List

Technical Assistance Program (TAP)

TA is provided to members who seek to improve on audit score or new members in preparation for the quality assurance review process (audit). When the audit season ends, Manager of QA & TA will follow up with agencies to solicit requests for TA.

  • Most seek TA if findings are identified during the audit.
  • As recommended by the independent auditor.
  • If agency has experienced staff turn over and wish to have new staff apprised of the process.
  • If standards are changed and agency wants to ensure audit box has been appropriately labeled.
  • If program has failed the audit.
  • Desire a mock audit in preparation for audit season.
  • TA is also is also one way to enhance our relationship with our member agencies.
  • TA is also provided on monthly basis as members submit their HMIS statistical reports. If there are minor errors, detailed notes are returned to the agency and they are connected to Nutmeg for further assistance with the report. These reports also show us how they are doing on maintaining occupancy for the audit process. Agencies have to maintain a minimum of 80% occupancy in order to pass the audit.

Trainings & Presentations

Case Management Training Institute (CMTI)

The Case Management Training Institute (CMTI) opened its doors in November 2011. CMTI, generously funded by the CT Department of Housing, was created to provide a comprehensive training program for individuals with case management responsibilities in AIDS services, AIDS housing, domestic violence, homeless shelters, and transitional living programs, regardless of how the positions are funded (i.e. DPH, HOPWA, DOH, and DMHAS).

CLICK HERE for more information on CMTI and to register for upcoming trainings.

TA Request Form

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