About Us

Who We Are

ACT builds sustainable, accessible, and high-quality systems and services dedicated to eliminating health disparities for people impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Our Mission

ACT, with its partners, increases Connecticut’s capacity to ensure that all people impacted by HIV/AIDS and related health issues have access to health, housing and support services.

Our Vision

All people in Connecticut impacted by HIV/AIDS and related health issues have access to housing, health care and support services necessary to live their best lives.

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Our Core Values

Respect Individual Choices
We respect the individual choices made by people impacted by HIV. We work with compassion, and without judgement, to assist people in making informed choices and managing their own lives with dignity.

Lead Through Innovation
We are open to new approaches, are willing to take risks, and believe that through innovation and creativity we can respond to the ever-changing needs of people impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Make Measurable Progress
We hold ourselves responsible for making real, measurable progress.

Collaborate for Greater Impact
We collaborate to maximize resources for the greatest impact on our mission.

Challenge the Status Quo
We are the change we want to see in the world. With compassion, action and dedication to the mission, we walk the walk.

Be Accountable
We are accountable for our decisions, words, and actions so that each team member fulfills their commitment to the organization's pursuit of excellence.

Our History

In 2013, the Connecticut AIDS Resource Coalition (CARC) and AIDS Project Hartford (APH) merged to form AIDS Connecticut (ACT).


Incorporated in 1989, the founding members' aim was to work with and mutually support organizations wishing to create AIDS housing by sharing resources, skills, and information. In the Fall of 2005, the agency broadened its mission to embrace all aspects of housing and services to persons living with HIV/AIDS in Connecticut.


The agency was founded by a committed group of volunteers in 1985 as a grassroots response to the growing AIDS crisis. During the next two decades, APH evolved from an organization fighting to help people face an imminent death into one focused on helping people live a longer life with hope and dignity.