Prevention & Outreach

Matthew Reutter, Mayor Pedro Segarra and Roberto VargasCounseling & Testing

ACT offers HIV testing services at various locations throughout greater Hartford. Individuals can receive a fingerstick or oral swab test. Preliminary results are delivered within 20 minutes. As part of the testing process, individuals are provided with basic HIV education and risk reduction information. To schedule a confidential HIV test contact Aurelio Lopez or LaToya Tyson at 860-547-1771.

Click here to view ACT's outreach staff explain the testing process on The Larraine Bow Show "HIV-Get Tested Now".


Comprehensive Risk Counseling Services (CRCS)

CRCS is a client-centered HIV prevention intervention. It's fundamental goal is promoting the adoption and maintenance of HIV risk-reduction behaviors by clients with multiple, complex risk reduction needs. CRCS includes intensive, ongoing, and individualized risk reduction counseling, support and service brokerage. If you are interested in CRCS services contact Aurelio Lopez or LaToya Tyson at 860-547-1771.


AIDS and the Faith Community

Connecticut's faith communities are as rich and diverse as the people they serve. In the age of HIV/AIDS, these communities have the power to create change through educating those at risk and embracing those already infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Because many people affected by HIV/AIDS seek forms of spirituality within the context of local churches, mosques, and synagogues, it is imperative that these institutions be equipped with information that will foster compassionate outreach to these individuals and facilitate participants knowing their own HIV status by getting tested.

ACT recognizes the social and cultural influence of Connecticut's faith communities, and is eager to join forces in an effort to provide support to people affected by HIV/AIDS. We invite all places of worship throughout the state to become coalition members and obtain training and technical support in developing HIV/AIDS ministries or special events promoting HIV/AIDS awareness. For more information contact us at 860-247-AIDS.


Healthy Teens Connecticut

ACT has joined with advocates around the state to support legislation that would help ensure that Connecticut's young people have access to comprehensive, age-appropriate, medically accurate information. It is critical that Connecticut youth have access to education, information and services to make responsible choices about sex and their sexual health. According to a recent poll conducted by Lake Research, 83% of Connecticut voters agree that with mounting pressure on teens, sex education that includes abstinence and birth control can't be put off.

Statistics about the state's sexually transmitted disease rates among youth are startling. Youth between the ages of 13-24 account for 70% of the state's Chlamydia cases and 50% of Gonorrhea cases. At a minimum this means youth are not getting ongoing, science-based comprehensive sexuality education and are engaging in high risk behaviors. At worst, it means we will see HIV infection rates follow in its wake. Already, 27% of reported HIV cases are in people under the age of 29; which means most were infected as teens. To learn more visit the Healthy Teens Connecticut website or contact Shawn Lang at 860-247-AIDS x319.