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Refocus Outreach Ministry

80 Bunnell Street
Bridgeport, CT 06607
Phone (203) 322-6747
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Promise House is a supportive living housing program for adult single men living with HIV/AIDS. The program provides permanent accommodation for its residents. Refocus Outreach Ministry Inc. also provides transitional housing for women who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness. Other programs include employment training, parenting classes support in relapse prevention and HIV/AIDS supportive services.


Refocus Outreach Ministry Inc. exists to give individuals a foundation of safe, affordable housing in a supportive environment; to provide assistance with negotiating challenges that will help those living in our supportive housing programs re-establish themselves into the community with renewed hope and success.


Since 1999, the agency’s primary focus has been on women aged 18 – 65 who are making the transition from homelessness, addiction to substances and/or incarceration to healthy lifestyles. Serving the population of the Greater Bridgeport area, Refocus Outreach Ministry is a faith-based supportive housing program that has been providing a unique and supportive environment working with women to build on their strengths, change their focus from addiction and crisis to being competent mothers, involved citizens and productive members of society.

Population Served

The agency now operates two separate supportive housing programs in different locations of the City of Bridgeport. One serves single women experiencing issues with substance abuse and homelessness. The other serves adult men living with HIV/AIDS.

Services Provided

Both residential locations offer case management, medical advocacy, substance abuse counseling and referral for treatment; referral for educational programs and vocation training.