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Connecticut Working Positive Project

Improving Vocational Supports and Options for People Living with HIV/AIDS

ACT seeks to provide cross training between employment services and all types of AIDS service providers, so that working together they will be able to assist persons living with HIV/AIDS who seek to (re)enter the workforce. Persons living with HIV/AIDS, even under the burden of personal and societal barriers, WANT TO WORK. Our goal is to help them do that!

Our Goals:

  • Increase the knowledge of case managers and service coordinators in AIDS housing and AIDS services organizations regarding employment for people with HIV/AIDS;
  • Introduce AIDS housing and AIDS service providers to employment and vocational supports available in their communities thereby increasing the use of these systems by PLHA's;
  • Increase the knowledge of Workforce Development providers regarding successful employment strategies for people with HIV/AIDS, substance use histories and mental illness in order to expand their capacity to effectively serve PLHA's, including those with multiple barriers to employment;
  • Assist service providers from both sectors as they integrate services and supports for PLHA who wish to transition to work.

Employment Resources:

EPIC Employability and Soft Skills distance learning modules are now available! Connect-Ability has launched online courses, developed to provide individuals with barriers to employment, educators, employers, family members, providers and others FREE online training. Go to and register for a free account. Registered users will be able to enroll for a variety of courses and modules that deliver interactive, engaging and relevant learning experiences for people newly engaged with the world of work, and those who need support to re-enter the workforce or stay on the job.