Early Intervention Services (EIS)

What Does EIS Do?

  • Locate and re-connect HIV-positive clients who have fallen out of care
  • Conduct outreach with high-risk individuals, including working with local agencies
  • Conduct HIV counseling and testing, and link those who test HIV-positive to care
  • Coordinate medical care with client, medical providers, medical case managers and other service providers, including transporting clients to HIV-related medical appointments and providing intensive support for a 3-6 month timeframe
  • Provide HIV education, partner notification education and health literacy education to clients
  • Provide safer sex supplies (e.g., male and female condoms)

To Make a Referral, Fax the Following Information to 860-951-4779:

For More Information Contact:

Carter Lennon (Program Manager), Madelyn (EIS Specialist) or Cherron (EIS Specialist) at 860-247-2437.