The Community Distribution Center is funded by DPH and is responsible for disseminating educational materials that provide a wide range of age appropriate and culturally specific health information. These materials are provided at no cost to individuals, schools, businesses, and community organizations in Connecticut. Available materials include booklets and posters (English and Spanish) on a variety of health topics. The center also distributes male and female condoms, dental dams and lubricant to organizations throughout the state.


New → Condom Order Limits Beginning January 1, 2016

Due to overwhelming product demand, effective January 1, 2016, the following Condom Ordering Policy has been put in place by the CT Department of Public Health. You can review the program objective, goals and itemized policy for product limits by referencing the following document link: DPH Condom Ordering Policy 2016.

  • Approved HIV Prevention Funded Contractors

    Maximum 5 cases (5,000 pieces) per month. NOTE: Only 2 cases can be from the ONE product line.

  • Agencies with Multiple Site Locations (per location)

    Maximum 1 case (1,000 pieces) per month.

  • Non-DPH Funded Organizations

    Maximum 2 cases (2,000 pieces) per month. NOTE: Only 1 case can be from the ONE product line.

  • Individuals

    Maximum of 500 pieces per month.

The ONE product line condoms are very popular and more expensive than traditional condoms. In order to keep condoms in adequate supply, fewer ONE condoms will be ordered and available for distribution. Please note that the maximum amount can still be ordered each month.

Organizations that distribute condoms should explore all options for acquiring safer sex materials. These options may include commercial channels. The Community Distribution Center is not intended to be the sole source of condoms in Connecticut, even for organizations whose focus is HIV and STI prevention. Instead, the Community Distribution Center should be seen as a complement to other resources.

NOTICE: There are no assurances that the itemized products will be in stock. The Community Distribution Center reserves the right to:

  • Deny any order in whole or in part;
  • Adjust the quantity of orders; and
  • Substitute items.


PrEP Kit

New → PrEP Action Kits for Health Care Providers

The State of Connecticut’s Department of Public Health is aligning with the National HIV/AIDS Strategy 2020. The new federal guidelines for health care providers recommend that PrEP be considered for people who are HIV-negative and at substantial risk for HIV infection. The PrEP Action Kit for Healthcare Providers is now available and includes clinical resources for your practice and educational materials for your patients. You can order the kits by filling out an online Print Order Form. Please use the Resource Catalog as a reference when placing your order. Larger health care providers can order up to 5 kits. Community Based Organizations (CBOs) can order 1 kit. If you have any questions about the kits, please contact Tina Cormier at 860-247-2437 x312 or cdc@aids-ct.org.